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"I had to go back to work at an elderly age with my wife home with multiple sclerosis. The award from the FINRA hearing that Kal represented us in took an awful lot of the financial pressure off of us. The hearing itself was incredible. Each of us went in with considerable trepidation. Neither of us wanted to be put on the stand and grilled, and we were fearful, and not looking forward to it. But golly, after the first day we won an $80,000 sanction from the brokerage firm that we were going against, and each day it got better. It was like being involved in a TV trial where your lawyer was just so superior to the opposing lawyer, and presented a brilliant case and it all worked out in our favor, and it was one of the best weeks of our lives when we went in fearing it was maybe gonna be one of the worst. The FINRA panel's award was $456,658. We had hoped for a few thousand dollars. I was able to retire again. We could not speak higher of anyone we’ve ever worked with. I think that he’s watching out for little people that aren’t wise investors, and are being taken advantage of by really unscrupulous people selling fraudulent investments. It’s wonderful that he has chosen the field that he has to do his sensational work.

- L.W.

It couldn’t have gotten any worse. We lost our total retirement and everything. Kal knew that, and he wanted to make the wrong right. He sure did care about us. And he’s a winner. He is [...] totally involved in winning. And he does! He wins! We went into arbitration, and won. The firm was there, and they went beyond the call of duty. I cannot praise the whole firm high enough. Anybody who would be fortunate enough to get Kal Nekvasil and his firm – they’re very, very fortunate. They couldn’t find a better firm to represent them.

- M.C.

I thought he was a genius ̶ very, very brilliant in everything he did, said, and the way he approached everything. He is a wonderful man, caring, and really a good person. And that is very rare to find in a lawyer, I think. I hate to say that, but it’s true. And he really does take care of the naive investor, elderly...I cannot say enough good things about Kal. He really is my knight in shining armor.

- J.W.

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