Fees & Costs

We Only Get Paid if You Recover Losses

At Goodman & Nekvasil we work on a contingency basis for every one of our clients. No recovery = no fees or costs means that, as our client, you owe us nothing unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

Attorney’s fees are only collected if you receive a recovery, and the same is true for costs. We bear the costs of your case throughout the process, only receiving compensation if you recover some of your losses. If you don’t win a recovery, we don’t get paid. We have established a fee structure that not only represents the faith we have in our clients’ cases but also motivates our firm truly to work in your best interest. We have aligned our goals with our clients’ goals, and it allows us aggressively to pursue recoveries with all of our resources. We are devoted to achieving the best outcomes for every one of our clients.

We Stand Above the Competition

Not many law firms that practice in the securities arbitration area can represent that they have recovered more than $170,000,000 for investors. Unlike many of our competitors, we advance all costs and are only reimbursed for those costs if there is a recovery. Many of our competitors require the client to pay the costs whether or not there is a recovery, but our commitment to our clients extends into the foundation of how we do business, assuming risk so that our clients don’t have to.

Our Commitment Starts with the First Consultation

If you have suffered losses from a broker’s wrongdoing, we believe that working on a contingency basis for your recovery is only right; we want to gain your trust through dedication and hard work that shows our commitment to your case after you have lost so much. If you become our client, we believe in your case, and we want to give you reason to believe in us. To show our commitment to our clients from the very beginning, we offer free, confidential case evaluations to anyone interested in hiring our firm. Contact us today and find out if we may be able to help recover losses for you.

Experience & Knowledge You Can Trust

When choosing a securities attorney, longstanding history and experience in the field is as important as being ahead of the curve. Goodman & Nekvasil is firmly grounded in both worlds, with our promise of good faith and trust built-in to how we do business. If you are interested in hiring Goodman & Nekvasil for your securities law claim, contact the firm today for a free consultation.

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