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At Goodman & Nekvasil, we have years of experience in representing investors who have suffered losses from risky real estate investments. For many investors who have lost their life savings, brokers breached their fiduciary duty by overconcentrating their clients’ assets in highly risky real estate investments that were unsuitable for the investors. Many high-risk real estate investments involve unusually high commissions, which encourage brokers to sell these securities even when they are inappropriate for clients. Investors can suffer devastating losses as a result of investments in the wrong real estate properties, and we have helped investors recover these losses.

Many Types of Risky Investments

A number of our ongoing investigations involve high-risk real estate securities. The following list is a limited listing of the many real-estate related investigations we have conducted in our years of operation, Regardless of whether your particular investment is included or not included in this list, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your real estate security. We are available to discuss any investments at issue.

  • Tenant in Common (TIC) Investments
  • IMH Secured Loan Fund
  • CLFA
  • Behringer Harvard REIT
  • DBSI
  • Mission, DST
  • Triple Net (NNN)

A select few of the firms with which we have experience in arbitration dealing with real estate securities include the following:

  • Sigma Financial Corp
  • Ameriprise Financial Corp
  • Investors Capital Corp
  • VSR Financial Services Inc
  • Triad Advisors, Inc
  • Questar Capital Corp
  • Centaurus Financial, Inc
  • National Securities Corp

How to Recover Losses

For complex claims involving real estate securities, hiring attorneys with experience in this area is important. We have represented many clients who suffered significant losses in real estate investments, and we are here to help. If you have suffered losses, contact us today for a free, confidential case evaluation and discuss your options for making a recovery.

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