IMH Secured Loan Fund, LLC

Goodman & Nekvasil is currently investigating and has handled many cases involving the IMH Secured Loan Fund, a real estate finance company that operated in the southwestern United States.  Since rebranding as the IMH Financial Corporation, the company continues to focus on acquisition of debt instruments and equity interests and investments.

Why Investigate IMH?

IMH’s alleged activities marketing high risk investments to mislead conservative investors brought IMH to our attention, and we continue to pursue arbitration to recover losses for those affected.  Many investors suffered losses in the IMH Secured Loan Fund, and many of the loans acquired by IMH defaulted.  

IMH is a high risk investment.  IMH was a real estate finance company that originated bridge loans for subprime lenders using lower underwriting standards.  IMH investors lend money to real estate developers who cannot obtain conventional financing.  The fund is “perpetual,” which means that no date exists for termination or liquidation.  This type of high risk investment has little or no collateral value.  As equity owners, the investors are last in line in liquidation of assets, after the general creditors, taxes, litigation costs, fees, etc.

Many Issues, a Few Frequent Offenders

Some problematic practices we have seen related to the IMH Secured Loan Fund include:

- Failure to Supervise
- Unsuitable Investments
- Misrepresentations and Omissions
- Violations of Securities Laws
- Negligence
- Overconcentration
- Breach of Fiduciary Duty
- Lack of Due Diligence

You can see a more complete list of our related practice areas, or call for a free consultation to see if other issues are relevant to your case.

How to Recover Losses

If you suffered damages from investing in the IMH Secured Loan Fund, you may have the opportunity to recover losses.  Contact us today to receive a free consultation about your case and discuss potential options.  Please remember that a limited amount of time may exist during which you may recover losses from an investment, and immediately seeking professional legal counsel can therefore be important.  Call now.

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